Monday, March 3, 2014

MyNBA2k14 MyTeam Mobile Line up

* 5 common (Pro - combined cards)
* Coach common (Support)
* Double Team rare (Support)

Building Tips: 

You don't need to have a high card on quick game, MyNBA2k14 adapts or give you opponents based on your card levels. If you have common cards then you are good to go , the game will provide a beatable opponent. 

You can do it all Common Cards and make it pro.

Don't upgrade your pro cards , just make it pro cards like combine 2 cards which has max level (level 10 on common cards) it will produce a higher stats.

Battle Tip:

* 1st pick - Always pick the weakest card if the round requires you 2 attributes - most of the time CPU choose high cards but sometimes weak cards but if only one attribute pick the highest stat.
* 2nd pick - has a high chance that CPU will choose lesser cards so pick your best one depends on the requirements
* 3rd pick - Choose high cards
* 4th pick - Choose high cards or to seal the win select one of the support cards , I chose coach (+10 on you) and Double team (-20 on opponent for Rare ) because they give higher rewards and penalties for you and your team.
* Or keep your support card until overtime period.
* Overtime period - most of the time i win in overtime period with the help of the support card

Download link for IOS device:

Download using Amazon for Android:


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