Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tekken 7's opening cinematic trailer is released! Fanatics of this game series is for sure excited to get hand of this new Tekken installment.

It is been years the last time I played Tekken, but still getting pumped up with it. I remember going to gaming arcade just to play and challenge good Tekken players. It is a very good news all fans of this game and of course the arcade version of Tekken 7 is going to be the first to get released.

Since Tekken 7 is going to be release for arcade machines, checkout Timezone! There's also a huge number of competitive players there to test your skills.


Many frontend developers believe that AngularJS is one hell of a JavaScript framework and has a steep learning curve. The video will teach you the key features of AngularJS, it starts with the classic explanation of two way data-binding. As you progress on this first part tutorial of AngularJS, it will teach you basic idea of directives and routing.

 Here are the key topics on this video tutorial:

- Two-way data binding
- Iterations
- Directive
- Routing

In the next few days I will be posting the second part of this tutorial, or you can just check it out on Youtube.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I watched this video while I was cutting onions and I was literally crying.  Commercials from Thailand never fail me to amuse.  Thai companies puts effort to connect to its target market. And I can say even though I'm not planning to buy an insurance, after watching the commercial then I might get one.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Here's a detailed video of setting up a Sencha Touch framework on your local web development setup. If you are at lost on running Sencha Touch framework, the video will guide you from downloading the required files , installing Sencha CMD and running it using a server.

List of required files
- Sencha CMD
- Sencha Touch commercial version *
- Web Server ** 

* Sencha Touch is now free, you can download the commercial version by inputting your email address. 

** Sencha CMD comes with a Jetty server but if you want to use your own web server you can use the following: Xampp, Mamp or get a Virtualbox image from Digitalocean.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Few weeks ago I posted on how to beat WWE Supercard game and now I have updates which is much better strategy of building cards.

Here's the video on how I beat games and this is also application for People's Champion event where I got 1700 of points enough to earn Ultra Rare Diva.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

WWE Supercard is now available in iTunes and Android devices. This game is quite familiar with MyNBA2k14 Mobile game but with added twist and new rich features. This WWE Supercard game as I said offer new features like reward tier wherein your rewards will depend on your current exhibition card line-up. For example if you have like 3 common cards on your line-up then you can only expect rare cards.

So what is the secret on winning most of your game and getting more better rare cards (super rare, ultra rare, epic and legendary) ? Of course by upgrading or getting cards from exhibition matches or buying your cards which is I think not a good idea.

Seriously, proper card alignment is the key to success to every exhibition games and let's examine this card line-up which is most identical to mine.

wwesupercard3.jpg (630×420)

L - Left
R- Right
U- Up
D- Down

Sample Card Line-up:
1. L (high card)
2. L
3. R
4. L
5. Diva Card
6. Support card
7. Support card

My rules to success:

  1. Upgrade to max level (This will improve your chance to get more rare cards)
  2. Always have a LLR / RRL or UUD / UDD combination (For tag team, always build LR / UD, this will add more stats on your card)
  3. 1 High card no matter what alignment ( this will be your main card for solo matches and don't use this for tag team match)
  4. For Diva always select the card with the highest rating
  5. Don't use Support cards on the very first match. Reserve it to Diva matches or for every 3rd match
  6. Always select the opponent with a lower tier (rare, super rare, and so on)

You can have other combinations of card like if you prefer wrestlers with Up and Down alignment you can do so, but make sure to apply my list of rules to win every game. Currently I do have 350 wins and 50 losses which I think my line up if pretty effective for now.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Microsoft finally dropping to give updates for Internet Explorer 8 and older versions and this will be effective in coming weeks.

Working as a  PHP developer for my half of my life now, seeing old Internet Explorer go is one great moment for me. I have spent hours and tears on working with this old buddy. I

I learned lots of things while working with Internet Explorer browsers. I found out about the  infamous asterisk and underscore. And I also learned how to defend why we shouldn't support IE browsers against my bosses.
goodbye-ie6-cake-488x325.jpg (488×325)

I can say that the new breed of web developers will never feel our frustrations since the new Internet Explorer is already using HTML5 engine like Google Chrome and Firefox. So long sucker!