Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've been playing MyNBA2k14 on my old iPhone3gs for a while. I actually enjoy the game even though sometimes it feel tiring because of repetitive design of this game.

The game is simple, you build 5 cards of players and beat the quick game to earn cards or booster cards. If your pretty new then for sure you will have a hard time building better cards. 

Since I can't do anything in my iPhone3gs , I used my iPad 3 to hack MyNBA2k14 MyTeam mobile and it actually works. Now I can win any game against any players but this requires a jailbroken devices.

Here is the video for proof:


  1. WOW can u tell me how to do it on the ipad? I have my Ipad 4 jailbroken too.

  2. Please help i reccomend you to you cam email me at