Friday, November 9, 2012

Part 1 - Baby's first steps

I jumped the wagon! Yeah, I've spent at least a day  for Zend Framework 2. You may say it's too late but it's fine with me. Currently I've been looking for more options on my future project. I'm researching on what framework to use, considering ease of development and familiarity of the framework itself.

As one who experienced ZF1 on it's days and finished applications  with it , I will update this blog on how I see the new ZF2 against the first version.

Check out Akrabat's ZF2 tutorial, it is very informative though I still passed some terms and configs which  is pretty new for me if you compare it to ZF1.

In my first day with ZF2 I think I will say that this framework is not newbie friendly, though it's not the reason on stopping to learn ZF2 . This framework will become bigger and see that the community now is getting wider and wider each day. One of the evidence is the everyday growing of Zend Framework 2's modules from various developers.

Maybe that's it for now and I will take the next step in the next few days...

Note: Zend Framework 2 is not backward compatible with the old version of ZF because most of the codes were refactored and adapts PHP 5.3 object oriented approach.


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