Monday, July 8, 2013

Going to Ext JS is like diving into a very deep ocean where you only have flippers. But don't worry, you will not be alone. I will be accompanying you through the whole process. And I don't want to warn your regarding Ext JS because this is a fun stuff to learn.

If you knew some Javascript then  we are good to go. If you knew Backbone.js leave it, if you knew KnockoutJS leave it also because it will be a different world for you now.

We will be entering the Sencha Ext JS world once you take the red pill.

Before anything else, I will give you some tiny introduction about EXT JS.

The Framework itself

Ext JS is said to be the best Javascript framework ever built, it's not free if you will be using it for your company sake but it is free on GPL license. But this should not stop you from learning the best Javascript framework.

Why not go with jQuery UI?

If you thought Ext JS is like another jQuery UI then you are wrong, Ext JS is not just UI, table and grid widgets because you will not be handling just the UI itself but the data behind it. 

With the widget offering from jQuery UI, you might jump to that bandwagon but how about integrating some Restful Api on it and manipulate the legendary DOM? Then that will be the start of your code horror. I've seen lots of application that fall from jQuery code conventions.

On guard!

Ext JS has a very steep learning curve but it doesn't mean that it not possible. Once you get familiar with this MVC framework you will be just like walking in the park.


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