Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flappy Bird is a very simple game and it is very frustrating to play. If you haven't heard of this game you can get this via world wide web since the game author remove its high earning app from Itunes and Playstore. Weird ha?

Furthermore, Flappy Bird became viral because of known personalities in my country tweeting about their Flappy Bird score. Of course, their followers want to try that game too and the rest is history. It is now became a bragging rights if you score more than 100 points which is really hard to achieve.

Moreover, the game of Flappy Bird not only became popular but also a money making application. It was said that this game earns $50,000 per day for advertisement only. Yet, the author remove its app because of so-called criticism from other people which it is very hard to believe.

There are rumors that Nintendo is the one who requested that this game should be remove in Itunes and Playstore because of the same graphics used in Super Mario game. The only similarity I found is the green pipe but what the hell with that. It is only a green pipe! Nintendo shouldn't be greedy because some indie developer made it big time because of that green pipe which is not true, Flappy Bird became this big because it is hard and frustrating to play which other people find it worthy to share their score thru social media.

Now there are numerous clone of Flappy Bird uploaded every day in Itunes and Playstore, you shouldn't miss Flappy Bird at all.


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